Give Me A Minute – More Headlines

Each of us has our favorite source(s) for news. But media bias makes it difficult to get the big picture of what’s really going on. Here are some of the recent headlines from a variety of sources.

8 people, including a 12-year-old girl, shot in Washington, DC– ABC News

The World Health Organization has warned

that rebels in Sudan have seized a central public laboratory that held samples of diseases including polio and measles, creating an “extremely dangerous” situation: “a huge biological risk is being created”

Republicans will ‘lose huge’ without finding ‘middle ground’ on abortion, Nancy Mace saysABC News

South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace on Sunday warned her conservative colleagues that they would “lose huge” with voters if they continue pursuing strict abortion bans at the state level rather than finding what she called a “middle ground” on the issue.

Bud Light exec takes leave after boycott calls, reports sayABC News

Reports say a Bud Light marketing executive is taking a leave of absence after overseeing a partnership between the company and a transgender influencer, drawing cries for boycotts.

Huge Majority of Americans oppose Biden running again

A new poll shows nearly 3 out of 4 Americans do not believe President Joe Biden should run for reelection, following multiple reports that he will announce his bid for a second term this upcoming week. The same poll shows a majority of Americans oppose former President Trump running for reelection. – CNN

Texas Senate passes bill requiring public school classrooms to display Ten Commandments

The Texas Senate passed a bill Thursday requiring each public school classroom to display a copy of the Ten Commandments, a move that drew backlash from civil liberty advocates who say lawmakers should not dictate what religious materials students are exposed to. – CNN

Tucker Carlson out at Fox News, 1 week after Dominion settlement

“We thank him for his service to the network,” Fox leadership said.  – FOX

Don Lemon and CNN part ways

CNN has parted ways with longtime host Don Lemon. The announcement Monday came without explanation and astonished the media industry. – CNN

Eastern European countries scramble after China gives Russia ‘permission’ to invade

A prominent Chinese ambassador has given tacit approval for President Vladimir Putin’s plans to re-establish Russia’s lost empire. –

Jordan evacuates hundreds of citizens from Sudan

US embassy staff in Sudan evacuated in ‘fast and clean’ operation amid fighting

After US, France begins ‘rapid evacuation operation’ in Sudan

Sudan crisis: UK citizens ‘abandoned’ as evacuations fail to materialise

Saudi Arabia announces first civilian evacuations from Sudan

Israeli troops kill Palestinian during raid in West Bank

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian man on Monday during a raid in the occupied West Bank. – Arab News

Video shows woman bash Chinese hospital robot

Rage against the machine: Chinese woman beats hospital robot with ‘golden cudgel’

Despite its many wounds and components scattered across the floor, the robot somehow springs to life and manages to swivel its head and raise its arms. The woman is last seen taking off her jacket in an apparent preparation to deliver more punishment before the video cuts off. – Taiwan News

Politics and shortages undercut Russian threat to arm North Korea:

Experts says Moscow can’t currently afford to retaliate against greater ROK role in Ukraine by providing newest weapons.

Political considerations and material shortages are likely to stop Russia from providing arms to North Korea, experts told NK News this week, despite Moscow’s threat to send its “newest weapons” to the DPRK if South Korea directly arms Ukraine.

On Wednesday, deputy chair of the Russian Security Council and former president Dimitry Medvedev threatened “quid pro quo” after South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said Seoul could provide lethal aid to Ukraine if Russia carries out “large-scale” civilian attacks. – NK News

The American war on books

A prominent feature of the assault on freedom of thought and expression in the US is the race to ban books.

…the US continues to devote much of its time and money to destroying other countries. Lest Americans start to connect the dots as to why a country with such incredible resources can’t provide affordable housing, healthcare or education, the powers that be pursue a simultaneous domestic assault on freedom of thought and expression – one manifestation of which is the race to ban books. – Aljazeera

Jets officially trade for Aaron Rodgers in blockbuster deal with Packers

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One comment

  1. Dear Jeff

    Many thanks for the updates on news. I had missed some of these things.

    I have great sympathy with the woman bashing a robot. Sometimes I feel that humans can be as stupid as robots and there have been many examples of that in the so-called COVID crisis.

    As regards the W.H.O. on the laboratory in the Sudan this is more scare tactics as despite what we have been indoctrinated with over the years, there are no such things as infectious diseases although there are plenty of poisons which cause the various symptoms labelled as individual diseases.

    Although this does not deal directly with the issue, it lays the foundation as to why we have been fooled by Satan and his minions over the decades.

    Kind regards.


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