Give Me A Minute – Remnants

I’m taking an online class entitled, “Old Testament Survey.” A recent lesson covered the book of Lamentations. One of the laments is for people who are afflicted/punished even though they don’t deserve to be. They were part of a group or community that deserves the consequences of their actions. The good guys, the remnant, are swept up with the bad despite not deserving to be.

The dictionary defines a remnant as a small, surviving group. In the Bible, God gives high value to those of His people who He sets aside for holy purposes. He labels them as “remnants.”

Think for a minute about war and all the civilians who are caught in its horrors. They don’t deserve to be punished. They’ve done nothing wrong. In the Bible, there were times when God justly punished people for disobeying him. They’d made covenants with God and agreed to live their lives as he expected. But after breaking these covenants, punishment followed. It was deserved, mostly. However, some of the people didn’t deserve it. They were faithful and did what God wanted. Still, they too received the punishment. 

The Bible says there will be a judgment on the earth. Many who live there will be destroyed. It also says that those who love the Lord and are confident in their salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection, are part of the remnant that God will save. It might be in this life or it might be in the next, but God promises to save them. 

Keep in mind, if you are a believer, that your “best life” isn’t intended for the days spent on earth. It’s intended for our days in eternity.

If you are not part of the remnant, there is still time. Don’t wait.

© Jeff Lossau

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