Give Me A Minute – My New Job

No, I’m not going back to work. I’m simply wishing I had the job I’m reading about more and more each day. It’s the job of getting paid for doing nothing. Let me briefly outline the business model.

Since I don’t have or need a business, the model is pretty generic. I just need to be able to set up bank accounts. The more, the better to store the cash I’ll get. You all need to get in on this. My business associates will create 20 or more companies so I can stash the more than $10 million I’ll receive from my foreign national connections. Some of these partners are part of the Chinese Communist Party, and I’m not thrilled about that, but since the price is right, I’ll ignore that part. I mean, nobody is gonna find out, right? That’s the other part of this job that’s so great. It’ll all be my secret.

As Joe Walsh said in that famous “Life’s Been Good To Me” song, “I’ll have accountants pay for it all” and handle the incremental payments I’ll receive over time and transfer them to my different bank accounts. Did I say there are at least twenty different accounts? Check this out…My accountants, through sleight of hand, will conduct numerous complicated and unnecessary financial transactions to hide the sources and total amounts received from foreign companies. It’s amazing.

I have six grandkids. They will really benefit from a setup like this. I mean, how many 9 year olds have their own LLC? I’ll include my kids, my sister, the gardener, and other friends and family members. They’ll love me for it. I just need to find someone in my family who can get elected to the office of president or vice president of the United States.


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