Give Me A Minute – AI – Death is Knocking

I never never thought I would read something like this. How did we get here and can we stop it before it’s too late? Here are some excerpts from an article I read.

Eliezer Yudkowsky, a decision theorist at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, wrote that the six-month “pause” on developing “AI systems more powerful than GPT-4” called for by experts understates the “seriousness of the situation.” He would implement a moratorium on new large AI learning models that is “indefinite and worldwide.” 

“The key issue is not ‘human-competitive’ intelligence; it’s what happens after AI gets to smarter-than-human intelligence,” Yudkowsky wrote. 

“Many researchers expect that the most likely result of building a superhumanly smart AI, under anything remotely like the current circumstances, is that literally, everyone on Earth will die. Not as in ‘maybe possibly some remote chance,’ but as in ‘that is the obvious thing’.

For Yudkowsky, the problem is that an AI more intelligent than human beings might disobey its creators and would not care for human life.

“Visualize an entire alien civilization, thinking at millions of times human speeds, initially confined to computers — in a world of creatures that are, from its perspective, very stupid and very slow,” he writes. 

“Shut it all down,” Yudkowsky writes. “Shut down all the large GPU clusters (the large computer farms where the most powerful AIs are refined). Shut down all the large training runs. Put a ceiling on how much computing power anyone is allowed to use in training an AI system, and move it downward over the coming years to compensate for more efficient training algorithms. No exceptions for governments and militaries.” 

Yudkowsky’s drastic warning comes as artificial intelligence software continues to grow in popularity. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a recently released artificial intelligence chatbot that has shocked users by being able to compose songs, create content and even write code.

“We’ve got to be careful here. I think people should be happy that we are a little bit scared of this.”

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  1. Isn’t this “sky is falling” concept the same thing that the movie “I, Robot” with Will Smith (the face slapping Oscar guy) is based on?
    But isn’t the intelligence gathering s/w based on human developers and limited by the available information available?
    At my age I am not going to get concerned about some AI potential when there is so much else in the human race that is trying to destroy my country. Too many mentally disturbed people are out that make me want to take advantage of Georgia’s open carry law just to protect me and mine.

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