Give Me A Minute – In The Beginning

A long, long, time ago, things, as we know them, got started.  How long ago isn’t important. More on that in a minute. There wasn’t a lot going on before heaven and earth were made. It truly is fascinating though to think that one instant there was nothing, and the next, things started happening, in a big way.

Scientists suggest it’s possible to make something out of nothing. I get a headache when I read the explanations of how that could happen. They use hard, science words like anti-matter, spacetime foam, and quantum vacuum. The late Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist with an IQ of 160, was a proponent of the Big Bang Theory. What exactly is that?

I Googled the word “theory” and one definition reads; a supposition or system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. OK, it’s a bunch of ideas that may or may not be correct. As far as the “Bang” part goes, ask a physicist and she will say; “before the “Bang” there was nothing; during and after the bang, there was something: our universe.” Uh-huh. Something from nothing…I’d like to talk to Steve, now that he’s gone, and see if the theory still makes sense to him. Personally, I believe more in the “God did it,” explanation. A divine creator with a plan. However, that’s seen as magic and not science by most physicists.

When it first appeared, dangling all alone in space, the earth was pretty unfit for habitation. The Bible says it was completely dark and covered by water. Physicists say it was molten and once it cooled, a crust formed. They should just say it was like a toasted marshmallow that starts on fire. Once the fire goes out, the stuff inside is hot and gooey, and the stuff outside, it’s hard and crusty.

This creator I believe in, God, after making heaven and earth, made day and night. Basically, he invented the 24-hour clock. The “day” provides a baseline for the creation events that follow. And they follow very soon after that first day. Rather than sitting around waiting for things to happen, I like it better when they happen quickly. The people who came up with the ‘something from nothing’ approach need events to happen over a long period of time. Would you rather wait 14 billion years for men and women to appear or is six days better? Imagine, everything, as we know it, happening in only six days.

When I think of the ‘random’ approach to creation, I think about making a wristwatch. If you took all the parts needed to make a watch, put them into a small box and shook it continually, how long would you have to wait before the parts assembled themselves into a functioning watch? I’m not talking Rolex here, just an inexpensive one. A Timex. I suppose it’s possible that after a long time the parts would end up inside the watch case and the watch would be complete. I suppose. But once that happened, who would set it to the correct time and wind the watch? You’d have to place an order well in advance to get your watch. And if you want your initials on the back…oh well.

I could talk about what happened each day of the Biblical account of creation but you’d get bored. The first book in the Bible, Genesis, says all our stuff got made in six days, including people. The stars got created too. The creator person decided to rest on the seventh day. No need to work every day of the week. Watch some football. And when he was finished, it’s said that it was “very good.” The creator looked at what he’d made and he liked it. He made the earth, plants and animals, a man, a woman, was the best man at their wedding and gave them a really cool place to live. Not bad for a week’s work.

Back in the 1960’s one of my favorite bands was the Lovin’ Spoonful. They had a song entitled, “Do You Believe in Magic?”. It was written for physicists and cosmologists because what they believe requires a lot more magic than what I believe.


  1. Jeff,

    Insightful. Einstein dreamed about Time. Hawking tried fathom infinity. Humanity’s knowledge base has exploded in the last couple centuries but I suspect that there is lot more we don’t know. I have a hope and a faith that the words shared in the Bible are but a glimpse of the glory we will come to see and understand one day. Hopefully it won’t take a lot of math to understand.😅


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