Give Me A Minute – No More Problems

I’ve been thinking recently about all the problems I’ve dealt with during my life. I’ve had more problems than many of you. I’m older. They’re getting tiresome. I’m sure God is tired of listening to me ask Him to fix things. Now that I’m really old, I think it’s only fair that I don’t have to deal with any more problems.

Fat chance of that happening, right? My problems will increase exponentially in the coming years. Have I adequately planned and funded for our financial needs? I have 6 grandkids. Are my kids doing a good job in their planning or do I have to think about the “grands” and their needs as they grow up?

What health issues will we face? I really don’t want to deal with the problems that come with getting older. Kathy and I and our siblings have already dealt with the problem of aging parents. We spent 5 years getting them sorted out. Now I have to worry about the two of us? Stop.

Some of you have dealt with bad stuff. Drugs, alcohol, kid issues, infidelity, serious illness, the loss of a loved one. You agree with me. No more problems. But we all know they’re unavoidable. I just wish there was a limit on them. Even little problems get annoying. Once you’re my age you should only have one small problem per month. A problem that if you just ignore it, it will go away. I like that. Makes the verses below much better.

The ice maker in our 5-year-old refrigerator quit working. Service technicians have made 3 visits and concluded that I have 2 options. I can purchase a countertop ice maker from Amazon, take the cubes out, put them into my refrigerator ice dispenser and deliver ice that way. Or, I can replace the freezer door at a cost of about $2,300. Nobody said I could just buy some ice cube trays for about $4.

The guys I eat breakfast with on Mondays are reading a book about prayer. I pray most often when I need God to fix things. I’m learning that it would probably be best if I talked to Him more often. Maybe just chat about life in general. You know, sort of trying to build a relationship. Talking to someone only when you’ve got a problem is probably not a good plan.

Anyway, no more problems. Let me know what you think.

James 1:2-3

“Dear brothers and sisters,

when troubles of any kind come your way,

consider it an opportunity for great joy.

For you know that when your faith is tested,

your endurance has a chance to grow.”

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  1. Jeff, I kept waiting for you to make a caparison between life’s problems and some insurance plans. You know, when they tell you that you have met your deductible. To be honest, I’m sure God would be thrilled to hear from you when you didn’t want anything. God may be saying to you, “Hey buddy, give me a minute.”

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