Give Me A Minute – What If I’m Right?

What if I’m right? I know that some who read the “stuff” I write don’t agree with what I say. That’s good. I want us to think about things we might not normally think about. But what if I got it right? You know. The stuff about God, Jesus, Heaven, and Hell.

Many of you believe in God. Or you believe in your “version” of Him. I think most of us make God “in our own image.” We talk to Him when we need His help. We give Him access to some of what goes on in our life but we’re careful to keep Him out of the areas we want to protect. And if we believe in God, we probably believe in His Son…Jesus.

According to Wikipedia;

    • Jesus is the key figure in the Christian faith.
    • Christians believe He’s the Messiah the Old Testament talks about.
    • Most scholars agree that He lived in the first century, was a rabbi/teacher/prophet and was crucified.
    • His followers, as written in the gospels (New Testament) believe He rose from the dead. (Not everyone does.)
    • In Islam, Jesus is seen as a very important prophet.
    • Muslims believe He was virgin born but not the Son of God. They believe He was taken to Heaven by God but wasn’t crucified.

I don’t think believing any or all of the Wiki post does much for anybody. Sure, it’s nice information but for what purpose? It leaves out some of the key components.

Jesus is God. That’s critical. He was born of a virgin. He came to earth in human form. If He is not God, His death on a cross wouldn’t be enough to pay the penalty for the sins of everyone in the world. Jesus came to earth as God to pay our debt.

Since you can’t kill God, He became a man so He could die…for our sin. And He offers salvation, eternal life in Heaven, to those who believe that Jesus died for them and accept Him as their savior. He told us that “no man comes to the Father but by me.”

What if I’m right?

One comment

  1. If you are right, and I believe you are, then you have nothing to fear concerning where you will spend eternity. But, for those, who believe you are wrong, only to find out when they stand before God, they are wrong, then they will have a lot to fear. If you are wrong, then what do you have to fear?

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