Give Me A Minute – Mirror, Mirror

We’ve all heard or read, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”

Take a minute and look in the mirror. What do you see? Take a long, slow, look. Do you like what you see? Not just the face but the person.

Many things contribute to our opinion of ourself. Most of them started while we were kids. That’s the deal with me. The things I don’t like have deep-seated roots in my childhood. That’s not an excuse. Okay, it is. Sure, my parents messed things up a little but I’ve had many opportunities to change. For some reason, I’ve decided it’s just easier to live with my issues.

I’ve tried lots of stuff. Self-help books, classes on self-enrichment, meditation, prayer…None of that seems to have worked well. I’ve come to accept my physical appearance and concluded I can’t change it. It took a while, but I’m okay with the way I look. Or maybe I’ve concluded it would be too much work to change it. But it’s the other stuff that concerns me.

Kathy reminds me that I often talk with my mouth full. Why is that an issue for me now? It never used to be. I’m really judgmental and overly critical. There’s a bunch of really messed up people out there so I have a lot to work with. And, like you, I have those “pet sins” that keep nagging me. My youngest grandkids sometimes appreciate my 3rd-grade humor. Unfortunately, their parents may not be as appreciative. But I think it’s important that the kids know what a “fartologist” is. The three older girls just shrug and roll their eyes when I start talking. They hope I won’t embarrass them in front of their friends. Sometimes I do.

On a deeper level, what is it about ourselves that we don’t like? If the mirror could speak, what would it say? Do we feel cheated? Life owes us so much more, right? Why do they have so much and we have so little? Why can’t I get ahead? Why can’t I catch a break? What’s wrong with my body? I’m too fat. Too ugly. I have so much physical pain. Nobody cares about me.

What about God? Does He love us? It depends… I think His mercy and kindness extend to everyone, whether they believe in Him and love Him back or not. But there is a special kind of love that He extends only to those who have put their faith in Him. Even though He created us, if we haven’t come to Him, we are in trouble.

Remember, I’m not the only one who’s messed up. The face you see in the mirror…that’s you. Welcome to the club.

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