Give Me A Minute – What Was He Thinking?

Maybe the title of this article should be, “What Was Lucifer Thinking?” That was his name. Before he rebelled against God and took about 1/3 of the angels in heaven with him, he was Lucifer.

What did he think would happen? Did he really think he could defeat the One who created him and all the other angels? You know, like take over heaven and rule over everything that comes with it? Did he think more angel guys would follow him? Two-thirds didn’t. Did he think he would become God?

I wonder if he thought about the consequences of losing? That’s the key question for me. As others have said, “he is the devil, but he’s still God’s devil.” I’m betting he thought he’d get detention or something like that. Maybe lose his wings for a couple millennium. I seriously doubt he knew God would create a special place of torment for him and all those who followed. Millions of them. Nobody had ever done wrong before so Lucifer had no way of knowing how God would react. Big mistake.

Why rebel in the first place? Where did the evil desire come from? That’s what puzzles me. The desire to “be God.” He was probably the most beautiful and powerful angel in heaven. God gave the angels the ability to reason, make choices, to decide right from wrong. Lucifer had it all but for some reason, he chose to disobey. That’s mind-boggling. Pride, ego, power, greed, control, whatever the reason, they rebel.

And they lose…big time. The story of creation is described in Genesis. It doesn’t tell us when angels were made but they were around before the universe was created because they worshiped God during the creation We know the rebellion didn’t happen until after the sixth day when God created man and the things that live on land. At the end of that day, He tells us that everything was “very good.” I take that to mean the angels were still being angelic and God was pleased with His creation. Let’s agree that sometime after Adam and Eve were created, the angels rebelled and Lucifer showed up in the Garden of Eden.

Until Christ returns and sets up His kingdom, Lucifer, Satan, the evil one, the devil, whatever we call him, rules over the earth. God controls and allows him to act within a set of parameters, but Satan is the main influence on the views people have. And he is making the best of his reign because he knows what awaits. Eternal damnation in that place made especially for him and his demons. Unfortunately, people who reject God and rebel against God like Lucifer and the angels did, will be there too.

One day the question for many will be, “What Were You Thinking?”

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