Give Me A Minute – Is The End Near?

For a long time, people in the church, Christians, have been predicting the end of the world as we know it. When will Jesus return? Many think when He does, those who are “saved” will meet Him in the air and go to Heaven. This is called the “Rapture” of the church. After that event, God’s wrath will be unleashed on the evil that remains on earth.

I don’t put much faith in those who try to make predictions like this one. They’re always wrong. In the book of Matthew, chapter 24, we’re told that nobody knows the day or hour when Christ will return. That applies to those of us living on earth, the angels in Heaven, and even Jesus himself. Only God the Father knows when it will happen.

I have a nephew who has done a tremendous amount of research regarding end times events. I love doing research, but the stuff Sean did is far beyond anything I could have done. It’s amazing work. Great job Sean. If you have a chance, go to his website. I don’t agree with all the conclusions the “experts” make, but his website is definitely worth looking at. You’ll become smarter. There’s a date mentioned in the research that some think points to a significant happening. Is it the day Jesus returns? I don’t know. No one does. Check out his site.

If one tried to put together a list of “end times” events, without predicting when they’ll happen, it could look like this:

    1. The Rapture of the church. Believers meet Jesus in the clouds. This could happen at any time. All the Bible prophecies that need to be fulfilled before this happens have been.
    2. The Antichrist comes along. He will be controlled by Satan, the devil. His promise will be world peace. People will believe him.
    3. The “Great Tribulation.” This is a seven year period where God sends his judgments on the world.  There are too many details to share here but it will be a bad time to be alive. Think 666.
    4. Battle of Armageddon. Jesus returns with an army from Heaven…all believers. He defeats the Antichrist and his armies and throws the whole lot of them into Hell.
    5. Some other stuff happens, like the Millennial Kingdom, Satan getting a major beat down, the Great White Throne Judgement where all unbelievers are judged, and the creation of a new heaven and earth.
    6. Sean’s site can help you sort it all out.

For now, the best advice is to “keep watch and be ready”. Don’t be left behind.

Oh, I almost forgot…September 23, 2017.

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