God Bless America?

We’ve all heard it said. Presidents, candidates for public office, church leaders use the phrase, “God Bless The United States of America”. Does God care about the USA?

From our earliest days as a country, we’ve turned our back on God. Public schools teach evolution and leave no room for God in the creation story. Students can’t form clubs or have meetings to talk about their Christian faith. Atheist and satanist groups threaten Christian beliefs. We’ve twisted the US Constitution to think “separation of church and state” was intended to protect the state from Christian values rather than to respect the church and provide freedom of religion and protection from oppression by the Federal Government.

Scientists dismiss God. Some say science proves he doesn’t exist. Politicians, some of the most despised people in our country, legislate morality. We’ve allowed them to tell us it’s okay to murder an unborn child. God is mocked in the media. Christians are reviled and criticized because they believe in absolutes. They are labeled “intolerant” because they believe there is only one way to get to heaven and those who don’t make a decision to accept Jesus as their personal savior are doomed to eternal damnation. And Hell is a party, waiting to happen.

We continue to destroy our planet. We have no love for our neighbors and are racially motivated to kill people who look, act, sound, or worship differently than we do. Many children can’t construct a sentence without profanity. But we think God will bless our country. Politicians started saying “God Bless The United States of America” when President Richard Nixon blurted it out during the Watergate fiasco. President Reagan popularized it, and others continue, more or less, to drop it in at the end of speeches. Most who say it have no obvious faith in God. Other groups actively campaign to eliminate anything associated with God and religion. Community leaders, seemingly doing “God’s work” and flaunting the title “The Reverend”, only show up when a news crew and TV camera are present.

Where is God in all this? Is he here? Does he care? What does he think about a country where 58 million babies have been aborted since 1973? And should the US Supreme Court have the power to tell us that Jane Roe, who didn’t have an abortion, needed her right to kill her unborn child protected? God is here…saddened and watching. He is in control and never surprised or caught off guard. His critics, those who hate him most, claim a good God would jump in and make it all better. Why would he? We’ve turned our back on him and decided we know best.

Poverty, racism, oppression, guns. More people in the US were killed by guns in the past 50 years than were killed in all the wars this country ever fought in. Christian businesses are told to provide medical benefits that conflict with their core moral values. And in some Bible-belt newspapers, the word “Christian” is considered offensive and advertisements not printed because they use the “C” word.

Where do we go from here? Without revival, we continue the plunge into the abyss of immorality and depravity. God won’t bless the United States of America. Our prayer should be for God to save the United States of America.

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