Give Me A Minute – It’s All So Trivial

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m reading a book entitled “Living The Cross Centered Life”, by C.J. Mahaney. I’m enjoying it. And I’m really being challenged by much of what he writes. I read a sentence today that simply says, “He (Jesus) turned his attention away from suffering and fixed it on the more vital issue of salvation.”

That got me thinking. There is so much anger in our nation. Trump is probably the most disliked man in the United States. The Democrats have a platform and the Republicans reject all of it. The same goes for Democrats rejecting anything the Republicans stand for. Violence in many places is out of control. People on our streets are senselessly beaten. Shootings are rampant. Mobs strike fear in store owners, homeowners, and your average citizen. The economy is a mess. My IRA is the lowest it’s been in a long time. Inflation is high, and world leaders have us on the brink of nuclear war. Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, China, and Iran are at the center of major issues.

There are no absolutes. Our lives are driven by how we feel. God is a 3rd class citizen who people only consult when there are no other options. Social issues have taken this country places I never thought possible. Men, saying they are women, spy on little girls in women’s bathrooms. And the government, or whoever is in power at any specific time, seems to think they have all the answers, and they ignore the “voice of the people.” Their decisions are driven by what it will take to get reelected.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video showing high school and college kids who have absolutely no idea how many stars are on the American flag, let alone what the stars stand for? It is both sad and scary. Our system of education is broken, badly broken. To help fix it, our leaders decided that getting taxpayers to pay off student loans was more important than figuring out how to better educate our inner-city kids. Poverty, healthcare, racism, immigration, gun control, gay marriage, gender issues, and so many other topics dominate our concerns. And we can’t fix them. Are you kidding me? The government spends money recklessly but nothing changes. Are they addressing what’s most important to the people? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

Whatever. Getting back to the C.J. Mahaney quote, there is nothing more important than the issue of salvation. Everything else, everything, is totally and completely insignificant. It doesn’t matter. Stop worrying about the trivial “stuff.” Figure out where you’ll spend eternity. Please.

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  1. I have a granddaughter that stays with Joyce and I occasionally for several nights each week (it just started) while she is working an internship as part of her Master’s program. We (sadly) got on the topic of what Biden is doing on the student loans. I asked her if it would affect her vote in November. Sadly, she said it would. It is obvious she does not see or understand the full ramifications of what Biden is ATTEMPTING to do even though he does not have the authority to do it. Hopefully, some people in Congress will take him to court on it.

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