Give Me A Minute – It’s Really Happening

I saw this article and thought I’d share it. This is some scary stuff.

The Global War on Farming and Food Supply by the UN, WEF, Bill Gates, and other Sociopaths

Awake everyone, the evil folks behind the Communist takeover of the world have devised a plan to starve us all into submission and will defend Bill Gates and his tyrannical forces to the end.

Do not doubt that there is now underway a global war on farming. How better to bring the population to its knees than by cutting off its food supply?

Better even than energy shortages that are already long underway.

The World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab, the author of the Great Reset, the United Nations, led by Antonio Gutierrez, and a phalanx of truly evil-doers, none worse than Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, in concert with the Chinese Communist Party, are all working in unison to globalize, Marxist-style, the free-world.

As long-time science writers on the environment, climate, energy, and water supply, we have often been called pollyannas for never failing optimistic viewpoints. We remain optimistic. We will win the battle against the one-world tyrants and their effort to cut off our energy, food, and freedom. But we can only succeed if we finally understand that nothing terrible is happening in the world due to our government’s and others’ failed policies. It results from precisely planned programs to bring us all to our knees, groveling for assistance.

Even private land ownership is in the crosshairs as global food production, and the world economy is transformed to meet the global sustainability goals made evident by UN Documents reviewed by the editors of the prominent conservative weekly newspaper The Epoch Times.

The UN has a website titled SDG for Social, Diversity, and Governance, which ranks all activities based on how “woke” socialists and not capitalists they are. This did not begin yesterday or even 50 years ago. It started with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. It came into focus in 1944 at the convention of the Communist Party at Madison Square Garden in New York City, where the party president said that we would take America not under terms like Socialism or Communism but under prettier terms like Liberalism and Progressivism, but take America we will.

The firm goals were established in 2015, built on decades of work, especially the Vancouver Declaration, which established human settlements known as Habitat I. The agreement stated that “land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals” and that private land ownership is a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, thus contributing to social injustice.

Experts interviewed by The Epoch Times say that some of the world’s wealthiest and most influential corporate leaders are working with communists in China and elsewhere to centralize control over food production and crush independent farmers and ranchers.

The most vital trait of the evil folks desiring to take down the world as we know it is patience. They have never been in a hurry, and now that they have the upper hand, they are moving at warp speed.

The World Economic Forum, a network of major multinational businesses that collaborates closely with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is a strategic partner in the United Nations on Agenda 2030 when they will own everything, and you will own nothing. Could they say it any clearer?

Yes, at the moment, chicken little was right; the sky is falling, and as our readers continue through this series of awakening articles, it is time to rise and begin fighting back. It may be a small thing, but overturning the House of Representatives in the United States on November 8 will be a start.

It may sound incredible, but the increasing regulations of food production and consistent efforts to shutter many farms and ranches come as officials worldwide, such as President Biden and UN World Food Program Chief David Beasley, warn of looming food shortages just as they have been planning.

Instead of easing restrictions and encouraging more production, Western governments and many governments dependent on aid are clamping down even harder.

Governments and international organizations have cited various pretexts for these oppressive policies. They range from increasing “sustainability” and protecting multiple flora and fauna to promoting economic justice and even returning lands to aboriginal people.

When Barack Obama was elected, many thought the movie Manchurian Candidate came to reality: a person trained by the Chinese came to power to destroy America. Now it is clear that an Army of those horrible people has taken control. But again, it is not too late. We can and will stop them because their thirst for power has led them to ignore us as a nation of individuals desiring freedom.

According to critics, the goal of the policies is not to preserve the environment or fight climate change. Instead, the experts warn that the sustainability narrative, and other justifications, are tools to gain control over food production and people.

The end goal of these efforts is to reduce the sovereignty of both individual nations and people, said Craig Rucker, President of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a public policy organization specializing in environmental and development issues.

The intent of those pushing this agenda is not to save the planet as they purport but to increase control over people. He told The Epoch Times, adding that the goal is to centralize power at the national and international levels.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, often referred to as Agenda 2030, were adopted in 2015 as a guide to transforming our world. Hailed as a master plan for humanity and a global declaration of interdependence by top UN officials, the 17 goals included 169 targets involving every facet of the economy and life.

All countries and stakeholders acting in collaborative partnership will implement this plan, declaring the document’s preamble, repeatedly noting that no one will be left behind. While those words are usually meant to be positive, in this case, they infer that no one will escape the total control of the one world government.

It is time to wake up and understand that these people are genuinely evil, not morons pursuing poor policy. It is all intentional.


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