Give Me A Minute – Time Is Priceless

In 1603, seventy-year-old Queen Elizabeth I last words were, “All my possessions for a moment of time.”

Time is priceless. As I grow older, I sometimes reflect on my life’s accomplishments. There’s no going back. No do-overs. Did I do anything of value? Probably, but I’m not going to make a list because it would be embarrassing if it’s really short.

I’ve spent a lot of time in recent years thinking about politics. No, that’s not exactly right. I’ve been overly concerned with politicians. I detest most of them. And it really bugs me that they spend all their time trying to stay in power. My conclusion is, that they don’t care much about the American people. They are more concerned with prestige, money, control, power, dictating morality, and getting reelected. 

Why does this bother me? Why do I listen to them and get so upset when they say things I disagree with? Why do I spend my precious time worrying about what they say? 

I read that about 80% of the adults in the US pay little to no attention to politics. The people on the fringes seem to generate all the discord and that’s who our politicians cater to. I’m not gonna carry a sign, walk in a parade, or boycott a specific business. I am going to ignore them. After all, God is in charge. He’s got this covered, so I’m gonna go with whatever he decides. He doesn’t need me to worry about this at all.

That’s refreshing. One less thing to waste my precious time on.

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