Unpolished Poems

I’ve scribbled some poems and want to share them in their raw format.

Why is it so hard
to do the right thing?
To lock the heart’s door
and keep the good inside?

Create one in me,
mine is stained.
I hate the snake,
we fight every day.
No matter what I try,
he won’t go away.

I’m a hermit
locked inside
I like it that way
I prefer to hide.

You tried so hard
to make me shine,
a perfect little boy,
gold to mine.
But looking back
it feels so wrong;
Show…don’t tell
Coach…don’t yell
You tried so hard
what the heck.


How to raise a child-
Don’t ask me – I got it wrong
Thank God, for their mom.

The end of days comes
and I with nothing to say
Leave me now…go away.

Why am I so blessed?
It’s nothing to do with me.
My love said, “watch me.”

The world, evil and wild
Lost sight of her creator
Come now, not later.

Lord, you are my strength,
My song and my salvation,
I love and praise Him.



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