Give Me A Minute – It Happened So Fast

Savor every minute. Take as many photographs as you can. Go to all their school activities. Figure out what they love and encourage them. Spend as much time with them as possible, because it happens so fast.

They grow up. How did my granddaughter get to be a senior in high school? It seems like yesterday she was taking my hand as we walked together. I pushed her on the swings and loved hearing her excited, two-year-old laugh. Next week, she graduates.

For the past 15 years, she’s lived 20 minutes away. I have hundreds of pictures and memories of the time I’ve enjoyed with her. Sleepovers, trips to the zoo, museums, pool time, cousin camp, holidays and visits to her great-grandparents. I’ve watched her grow up. I am so blessed.

Now, she is ready for the next phase of her life. I’m excited for her as she prepares for the future. But looking back on the past 18 years all I can say is, “it happened so fast.”

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