Did You Ever Wonder

I’ve spent a lot of time reading and studying the Bible. I take a lot of notes, scribble comments, and fill Moleskine notebooks with research and information. But I have so many questions. Even those of you who don’t put a lot of faith in the Bible and my religious beliefs might enjoy some of these questions. Here are a few.

How long ago did God create heaven and earth? Is the earth really all those billions of years old? The creation story in the book of Genesis talks about 7 days. Were the 7 days literally 24 hour periods or were they something different? Was the Big Bang what God used to get everything started? The Big Bang gets hit pretty hard by the Christian community but I have no problem believing it happened…as long as we can agree that God did the “banging”. What about the universe? Is it infinite in size? If not, how many stars are there? And the big question for me (I wrote an article entitled “All There Is?” Check it out.), is there now, or has there even been life elsewhere?

Was it an apple or some other fruit? (Some of you will get this.)

How many kids did Adam and Eve have? After Adam and Eve were created, how long did it take to populate the earth? Cain, the guy who killed his brother Abel, was afraid what “people” would do to him once they found out he killed his brother. How many “people” were there? It sure sounds to me like there were more than just a couple brothers and sisters on the planet when he killed Abel.

I believe there was a worldwide flood. The Bible talks about Noah and an ark. I believe there was a guy named Noah and an ark for him, his family, and a lot of animals. Assuming there was a flood, how many people do we think died as a result? It says the earth was covered in water. Even the mountains? Or were they formed as a result of the flood? I think they were. It also says this is the first time it rained. I bet that was a surprise.

The Bible documents people living a real long time before the flood happened. 500-900 years was not uncommon. I mean, Noah had kids when he was 500 years old and the flood happened when he was 600. Did he build the ark himself? With his kids? Contracted it out? How radically changed was the earth as a result of the flood? Are these changes what killed off the dinosaurs? Nobody is living 900 years today. What happened?

After the flood, there are only a handful of people alive. They re-populated the earth. How long did it take? Where did all the many races of people come from? Asian, Indian, European, Black, etc. They all descended from Noah and his family but I wonder how that worked? And they traveled to lot’s of far off places. How did they get there?

The “children of Israel” were in captivity in Egypt. How many of them did Moses lead out of Egypt to cross the Red Sea? I’ve heard estimates as high as one million men plus women and kids. How long would it take one million people to cross the Red Sea before the Egyptian army shows up?

What about Jesus? I wonder what he looked like. How many siblings did he have? I imagine his apostles were each pretty young. How young?  What happened to Pilate?

If you believe in Heaven and life after death, you have to wonder what we will look like when we get to Heaven? What age do you think we will appear? What will our house look like? “I go to prepare a place for you.” And what language will we speak? Maybe we will each speak the language we know but will understand all languages. Will our pets be there? If so, will we talk with them? The serpent talked to Eve. Why not talk to your favorite pet. Will there be space travel?

I’m not gonna talk about Hell…I’ve done that in other “scribblings”.

I’d love your comments, thoughts, and questions. I will update this if I get feedback.


  1. Inquiring minds want to know – the answers you seek, will be given to all in the not too distant future. Believe in what cannot be seen, and for now, nor explained…

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