Christians Are Mindless

A Christian is someone who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. That he came to earth about 2,000 years ago and lived a perfect, sinless life. They believe he died on a cross and rose from the dead 3 days later. He ascended into heaven where he is today and through his death, burial, and resurrection, those who accept him as their personal savior will live forever with him in heaven. Anyone who does not believe this when they die, will live forever in torment.

Christians should grow in their faith to become more righteous and holy. This is done through prayer and Bible study. I think Christians have lost their mind. I’m not saying what they believe is silly or they are mentally deranged. Not at all. I don’t think they have the desire and determination to challenge themselves intellectually and do in-depth Bible study. Many have no idea why Jesus came to earth to die. They don’t know how to explain what they believe about him or why they believe it. Their beliefs are based on what someone else thinks. Maybe they blindly believe what they read in a book or heard in a church service. Their faith hasn’t been personalized and fully understood. And, they show limited spiritual growth.

A true Christ follower wants to be like Jesus; a disciple of Christ. They study the word to understand the teachings in the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to help them gain insight as they wrestle with difficult passages. Psalm 111:2 says, “Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.” If we aren’t studying the Bible, an Old Testament prophet named Hosea tells us “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”. Strong words. It’s hard work. Thinking, I mean. And if you claim to be a Christ follower you should be growing in your faith. How do we do a better job of using our mind?

Church Outside

Read the Bible. As we read, God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. Do you want to know what God’s will is for your life? Read and pray. If you aren’t regularly reading his word, set aside 15 minutes each day and get started. Use a Bible reading plan or pick a book in the New Testament to read. The book of Luke is a great place to start. My suggestion is to read it five or six times. Underline as you read. Write questions in a notebook and if you still have them after the sixth reading, do some research. Use tools like a study Bible, New Bible Commentary, Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary and a Bible dictionary. Many study tools are available online. Google is a big help with this.

When you read, try to imagine yourself in the location of the story you’re reading. Picture yourself as one of the crowd when Jesus fed the 5,000. What did you wear? Where did you live? What did you do for a living? How would you have reacted to Jesus’ teaching? Who is this guy? Some of these tools can help set the scene for you. Try to imagine you’re a Roman guard at Jesus’ crucifixion. You are the one who has to pound the nails through his hands and feet. That’s a sobering thought.

Bible study is challenging but the rewards are great. Studying the Bible will help you to grow in your faith. You’ll see things you never saw before. Questions will nag you until they are answered. And your walk with the Lord will take huge steps forward. Use your mind. It’s a wonderful thing. “Now set your heart and mind to seek the Lord your God.” I Chronicles 22:19.

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