Give Me A Minute – Death By Fruit

Was it an apple? 


A pear? Or a banana?

No. Something more perfect. More desirable. Not tasted since.

“The tree was good for food and a delight to the eyes.”

What fruit killed the human race?

It wasn’t the fruit, it was the act. Disobedience!

God said, “Don’t eat he fruit . . . don’t touch it or you’ll die.”

The crafty, evil serpent was the architect.

“The serpent was more clever than any wild animal God had made.”

He’s the deceiver. A liar. The first sinner.

The snake said to Eve, “God knows that when you eat from that tree you’ll see what’s going on and you’ll be like God.”

End of conversation. Seeds of doubt, pride, deception, and disbelief are planted. The evil one says no more.

Will I be like God, she wonders? Wise?

NO! Don’t do it.

“She took and ate the fruit and gave some to her husband.”

He takes it willingly.

Disobedience. Sin. Death.

“Where are you?” God asks.

Fear. Shame.

“I was afraid and I hid.”


“Through one man’s sin.”

Pain for the woman.

“In pain, you will bring forth children.”

Thorns and thistles. Sweat for the man.

“Cursed is the ground.”

Cast out. Paradise lost.

“He drove the man from the garden.”

Death by fruit.

“By one man sin entered into the world and death passed upon all men.”

Disobedience requires a sacrifice for SIN.

A cross. A savior. He is the reason.

We need him “lest we die.

He is our hope.

“Believe . . . and you will be saved.”


“For by grace, we are saved.”



“We are reconciled to God by the death of his son.”

Death by fruit. Life in Christ.                

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