Give Me A Minute – Not What We Wanted

After the recent presidential election, I expected some of this…but not all of it. And I certainly didn’t think it would happen so fast. I’m not a Sean Hannity fan, but he makes a pretty good list of changes that have occurred since January 2021.

  • As a result of the Biden administration policies, the southern border is overrun.
  • The inflation rate is rising quickly and approaching an unhealthy level.
  • Violent crime is on the increase in many major cities.
  • Our educational system is under attack by Marxist teachings like Critical Race Theory.
  • The church is compromised and basic tenets of the Christian faith, such as the infallibility of the Bible, God’s omniscience, and the finality of Hell, are now questioned by a growing group of progressive Christians.
  • Businesses can’t find employees. 
  • Our president is suffering serious cognitive decline. 57% of Americans agree. Who is actually in charge in the White House?
  • The vice-president is struggling and Democratic insiders fear she couldn’t defeat any Republican candidate in 2024, not even Donald Trump.
  • Some elected officials have little respect for the US and our allies.
  • Russia is hacking our critical supply lines…regularly.
  • China is not deterred by the US and is a major threat to America and its allies.
  • Iran is again enriching uranium.
  • The Taliban is re-taking control of Afghanistan as US troops withdraw, leaving scores of munitions behind.
  • The current administration makes the case for massive new investment in the nation’s infrastructure, but Americans rank this relatively low on the list of major problems facing the country.
  • Gun violence, the affordability of healthcare, the coronavirus outbreak and racism are each seen as very big problems facing the country today by two-thirds or more Democrats.
  • Illegal immigration and the federal budget deficit are the top problems identified by Republicans.
  • In some ways it feels like 1971 all over again. 

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