Give Me A Minute – Do You Believe in Miracles?

Some of you have heard that line before. Al Michaels, a TV broadcaster for the Winter Olympics, said those words almost exactly 40 years ago as the US men’s hockey team beat the Soviet Union 4-3 in “The Miracle on Ice.” I saw the game and heard Al make that call. It’s one of those sports moments that will live forever.

What is a miracle? I think of something extraordinary with a supernatural, divine intervention. When I read about the life of Jesus, in the New Testament, there are many miracles attributed to him. He fed 5,000 with some bread and a few fish and raised people from the dead. He healed the sick and the lame and he himself rose from the dead. Jesus was busy.

Now that I’m retired I have time to think about stuff that I didn’t have time to think about when I worked. Let me share some of the miracles I’ve seen in the past year.

Waves, washing up on the shore. Shooting stars. A rainbow, after a thunderstorm. Jupiter in the night sky. The night sky. The sky. Watching my grandkids play in the pool. Hummingbirds, coming to my bird feeder. Hiking in the woods. Looking at a deer who was looking at me. Orion. Lightning. Sunsets. (I’m told sunrises are nice too.) Bumblebees. Walking with the one I love. Fireworks.

Miracles don’t always need divine intervention….




All Rights Reserved – © 2020 – Jeff Lossau


  1. Wow, Jeff. Your post was great. Not because you used the most elegant words to convey your thoughts, but because the words you used, were true. Thank you sir. Also, I could see your big smile and hear you laugh, when you wrote the words, “I’m told sunrises are nice too.” As for me, I wouldn’t know.


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